Resin Sculpture Order Form

Please print this form out, fill it in and mail it to the address below with your payment.
NOTE: Remember to include the postage cost in your payment (see table below for postage cost). Use the currency conversion link on the main site, to work out the cost in UK pounds.





Resin Models
Knightmare - Resin Model $28.00 ______ $______
Vampyr - Resin Model $28.00 ______ $______
Skinner - Resin Model $28.00 ______ $______
Pharoah M'Toth - Resin Model $28.00 ______ $______
Mangler - Resin Model $28.00 ______ $______
Krokodilus - Resin Model $28.00 ______ $______
Roswell Alien - Resin Model $28.00 ______ $______
Death Castle Zombie - Resin Model $28.00 ______ $______
*Postage Costs
(per item)
UK Rate $10.00  
USA & Canada Rate $15.00  
Rest of the World Rate $20.00  

Payment should be a cheque or money order in UK pounds funds equal to the US Dollar values for each item, including postage charges. Non-UK residents please use an international money order made out in UK funds. Payment should be made out to Terry Norton.

Resin Models are normally delivered within six weeks from receipt of this order form. Please allow time for your money order or cheque to clear. Please include your email address in case of problems.

Please write your address details below:
Name ____________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________
City ______________________ County/State ________________
Postal/Zip Code ___________
Country ________________________
E-mail: _________________________________________

Mail to:   Norton Ceramics
C/O Terry Norton, 17 Upper Belgrave Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2XH England, UK
Thank you for your order
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