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Terry Norton - Clay Sculptor and Artist
a review by web author Andy Young
Terry Norton with Christopher Lee clay sculpture. Terry Norton

From the beginning...
Terry Norton ,born in Bristol, England, in 1964, is an extraordinary artist and clay sculptor whose talent has yet to be fully recognised. His works of art, whether in clay sculpture or in drawing have always been of the finest quality. Looking at his work, the thing that stands out most is his attention to detail. In his drawings, the individual ribs and muscle groups are picked out in such a way as to give the body a 3-D quality in a 2-D environment. In his clay sculptures even minor detailing such as the muscles INSIDE a creature's mouth are subtley carved and coloured to present a truly lifelike impression of the subject. On the actual model of the alligator, even the spaces between the scales on the creature are coloured to imitate the way they would look in the real world.

In his clay sculptures, the intricate detailing of the blood vessels, the wrinkles in a person's face are all worked out to give an almost photo-realistic quality to any piece. By touching the face, you almost feel that it could come alive.
Terry has always had a passion for Horror movies. From classic Bela Lugosi 'B' features through Hammer Horror films, right up to the present. Films such as Alien (whose main antagonist was created from the works of H R Giger ) have been a source of ideas for his own work. Many of his line drawings and some of his models exhibit an appreciation of Giger's work, whilst still retaining an individuality of their own. You can see that his love of Horror Movies has obviously been a major influence. Recently though, Terry has moved towards more natural works. Models of real-life people and finely detailed animals like his Elephant have taken him in a new direction.

Muscle Group model. From Terry's People sculpture collection 'Muscle Groups'
Vincent Price. From Terry's People collection
'Vincent Price'

Future Plans
The move towards more real life sculptures has been mainly due to Terry's lifelong wish to join the special effects team of a major studio. With suggestions made by the people already working in this field, he has created subjects such as 'Alligator' and his most recent project is a model of a Chimpanzee.

Terry has created human characters as well. As a commissioned piece, he has created a superb bust of the singer Mick Jagger and as you can see on the right a wonderful, almost photo-realistic bust of the great horror movie actor, Vincent Price. His 'piece de resistance' is his most superb sculpture of Marilyn Monroe.

In works such as Vincent Price, the character's expression makes you wonder what he is thinking about. Thoughts of his past glories are suggested by the intricate detailing, of the subject's features. Every wrinkle, each individual wave in his hair, every skin blemish, adds to the character of the person, giving it an amazing lifelike quality. The true quality of each piece can only really be seen in real life. It is no wonder that each model may take between 40-60 hours to produce the basic model and a further 10-15 hours to complete it with all the painting and finishing completed. The photos only give you an insight into the incredible craftsmanship that has gone into each model. I hope you like Terry's work. Thank you.

Andy Young - 28th January 2001

Horny Devil. From Terry's Monster collection 'Horny Devil'

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