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$430.00 plus postage
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His armour-plated hide may seem tough, but this vegetarian is a softy, unless provoked. Hunted remorselessly and its numbers dwindling, the rhino is a survivor and with help from all of us, it's numbers should hopefully rise again.
(Made from pottery clay, fired and painted, approx 12" long.)

$430.00 plus postage
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Just the look in his eyes, tells the story of chimpanzee's life. From the glazed stare to the grey whiskers on his chin, this old man of the jungle has seen the good times and the bad. Once he was leader of the troop, now just a memory.
(Made from pottery clay, fired and painted, approx 12" high.)

$360.00 plus postage
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Made as a project in life science, 'Alligator' was a challenging piece. The detailing on the scales, and the colouration of the body were made to look realistic, so that you expect it to strike out at you at any time. Even the detailing of the musculature inside the alligator's mouth is carved out and coloured to give more realism.
(Made from pottery clay, fired and painted, approx. 15" long.)

Little Owl
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This was a first time project for me as I had never made a bird before. The feathers have been picked out in the clay and the enhancement and depth are created with the appropriate use of paint. The look of deep concentration is helped by the glare in the owl's eyes.
(Made from pottery clay, fired and painted, approx 10" high.)

Asian Tiger
$145.00 plus postage
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'Asian Tiger'
Tiger is based on a stuffed tiger, to be found in Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, here in the UK. The poor creature in question had been shot by His Majesty King George V, on a hunt in India. The model itself has been created from memory and from postcards provided by the museum itself.
(Made from pottery clay, fired and painted, approx 14" long.)

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'African Elephant'
This is possibly my favourite animal model in this collection. Once again, the detailing is key to bringing this marvellous animal to life. From the ridges in the skin, to the veins in its ears, the full character of the piece has been given as much detail as possible to give it its lifelike look.
(Made from pottery clay, fired and painted, approx 10" high.)


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